All About Me

Hi, I'm Nora.  Born and bred in Singapore, I live and breathe great South East Asian cuisine from Malaysian, Singapore and Indonesia. One of my earliest food memories is sitting on top of a kitchen counter whilst my grandmother stirred some sambal over a charcoal stove.

I've lived in London for over twenty years and love this city; but sometimes I hanker for spice and the flavour profile from my childhood.


That's how Nora's Kitchen came about.  I wanted to share a slice of my nostalgia and introduce to you the wonderful, sometimes weird but always delicious South East Asian cuisine.  Order your sauces and treats here.


See what my customers say


“Baked smoked haddock cooked with Nora's sambal served with mixed vegetables and quinoa.  Delicious!”

— Liz, UK


“Straight out of the packet into the pan, followed by petai and prawns... now happily eating”

— Nic, London 

"Nora, your sambal is delicious. Tastes so authentic with plain rice, just like the nasi lemak parcels that we buy back home.  Yum thank you!

— Cindy, Derby

"Had your sambal today. I just added a bit of hot water and used it as a dip for my fried prawn fritters. It's so easy. Thank you!"

— Sophie, London 


"The texture is just incredible. So perfectly creamy. Nice and caramelised."


"Loving this authentic kaya curd. Creamy and soft as I spread on my toast."

— Nora, Wimbledon

— Kavitha, Surrey